Field of action I – Process

Development and optimization of manufacturing processes for open cellular metals based upon ecological and economic aspects. This includes the entire vertical range of manufacturing starting at material and geometry definition, followed by manufacturing implementation, up to recycling aspects of the products and consumables. It is task of the network management to close the R&D gaps by clever partner selection and cooperation support.

Field of action II – Application

Development and establishment of system integrative solutions for the use of cellular metals. This includes parameter determination and investigations related to potential pricing as well as application development. By the participation of potential end-users already during the process and geometrical design, the requirements and evaluations are integral part of the research and development projects and thus have a direct influence on the near-series and industrial feasibility of all sub-steps. In addition, the objective of the network activity is to collaborate with a fundamental understanding and the vision to change from single portfolios to a networking provider of jointly generated system solutions and new products.

Initiated by the network management, there is a continuing process of identifying needs and activities for project generation within the defined fields of action.